Salt is one of the most used ingredients every day, but we have to pay attention, otherwise it will present us with severe health problems.

There is no doubt that salt is one of the most commonly used ingredients in everyday cooking, and sometimes people use it excessively, stating that they don’t like the taste of unsalted food. Although this ingredient serves to enhance the taste of food and help our body to function perfectly, it is Keto Trim 800 extremely important that we be aware that we should consume it in moderation, since otherwise it can present several problems for our health.

Problems that cause salt

As mentioned earlier, salt has some benefits, but when consumed in excess it can cause some cerebrovascular problems due to hemorrhages in the brain . You should know that this is a disease that leads to death a large number of people and those who are lucky enough to survive do so with neurological and physical problems.

For this simple reason, the World Health Organization states that it is best to consume between 4 to 6 grams of salt per day , not more, since otherwise it can also harm other vital organs of our body, as well as increase the risk of having a heart attack.

Another of the known problems that arise when consuming large amounts of salt is the retention of fluids in the body, as well as kidney problems, in the urinary tract and heart failure because the heart does not pump blood as it normally would.

Remember that all this does not mean that you do not consume salt, just do not do it in excess, since this mineral has an important role in terms of calcium absorption, but if for some reason you ingest a greater amount of calcium and more sodium , your body will not absorb calcium and will simply be eliminated in the urine, which will cause your body to begin to procure the calcium that you have in your reserves , which are your eggs. Obviously this will cause demineralization of your bones, which will cause you osteoporosis.

As if all this were not enough for you to be more careful with your salt intake, you have to know that they are not the only problems, since in addition an excessive consumption of sodium ends up altering our purifying organs, it clogs our airways (which is lousy for people with asthma or breathing problems) and the feeling of thirst increases.

We mentioned earlier that the recommended amount is 4 to 6 grams of salt. But how will you know how much you are consuming? Well, you can give yourself a very good idea by knowing that a tablespoon of coffee contains 5 grams of salt, so for nothing you should consume more than one tablespoon a day. If a tablespoon is not enough to give you the flavor you like in your food, I recommend you try other condiments or aromatic herbs, anything else that ends up highlighting the taste of your food, but do not use more salt.


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