If you want to eliminate belly fat permanently, we will tell you what you really must do to eliminate it permanently.

If you remove fat from the arms , thighs, face, etc. It already represents a truly difficult challenge, ending belly fat is even more difficult. Yes, those rolls that are the first to appear when we neglect the food for a long period of time, are also the last to leave when we try to repair all the damage we have done to the body.

Since the world of fitness is surrounded by myths and a lot of misinformation, people try even the “most innovative” and traditional tricks to end those last grams of fat and thus define the muscles that have cost us so much to gain.

Exercises to burn belly fat, right or wrong?

From the outset, we are going to Super Keto Burn Reviews eliminate the myth or the belief that fat can be eliminated locally . This is totally false, because the body is eliminating adipose tissue in a general and progressive way, so focusing the effort in a single area waiting for those annoying rolls disappear overnight, it is impossible.

If you have set out to define the abdomen, all the exercises , be it shrinking, trunk elevations, twists, waist twists and endless more movements that you can perform, will not help you to bring out that six-pack. The physiology of the body is much more complex than that and that is why, if we want to get the most out of the exercises performed and the ingested foods, we must know how the organism works.

Forget about the miracle products that promise you to end those kilos without making a single effort. Remember that the industry, unfortunately, does not ensure the health and aesthetics of society, but simply seeks to gain and gain benefits for itself. So be careful with that.

What happens then when you do the famous abs? Simply that in the long run, you will probably increase the size of the muscles in this area, but even there. Even despite having large muscles, if there is a layer of fat above them, you probably cannot boast about it.

Muscle, although we know that it is a metabolically active tissue, that is, that it uses more energy to maintain itself (and therefore, accelerates metabolism), is not enough to burn the last grams of adipose tissue that accumulates on them. Reaching an extremely low percentage of fat to be able to mark the muscles is a truly difficult challenge, due to the fact that the body is not designed to lose fat, but to eliminate it. It is something strange and also very complex to explain, so we will discuss this topic in another article.

Given this premise, we can already assume that while it is difficult, it is not impossible.

So what should we do to mark the abdomen?

Subjecting the unthinkable amounts of stress to the abdomen with physical training is not the solution, we already know that. In this case, as our goal is to lose fat, then the logical thing is to undergo a caloric deficit diet to take advantage of that accumulated energy and so it can gradually disappear.

The problem of caloric deficit is that it prevents muscle growth, so you probably won’t be able to gain more muscle (that’s why we should always divide the training into two stages: bodybuilding and definition ), but we can prevent the lean mass gained with sweat from The forehead is not lost during the process.

In this case, and as it results in any objective you have in mind, the results you gain will depend mostly on the macronutrients ingested throughout the day . Clearly, if we seek to define, then it will be time to say goodbye to a large percentage of carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates that will do very little so you can achieve your goal. On the other hand, proteins will continue to be indispensable, because with them we will avoid losing muscle previously gained. In this case we will follow the philosophy of consuming on average, about two grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight we have.

When changing the diet, it will clearly be necessary to make changes in the routine. Cardiovascular training will be essential to oxidize fat. Perhaps for many it can be tedious, but come on, that the benefits in the medium and long term will be incredible and not only aesthetically speaking, but also at the health level. It goes without saying that one of the benefits of cardio is that physical resistance, the cardiovascular system, the ability to absorb VO2max and, of course, the immune system are markedly improved.

The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is also a pretty good choice, because while helping burn fat also triggers the muscles of the body, preventing it from being lost in the days off.

In conclusion

Finally, we can conclude that shrinking and other exercises to work the abdomen will not help if you are in the definition stage, so it is best not to take hours in the gym working the area if you really want results. In fact, and as you should know, although the core muscles do not Super Keto Burn usually stress very easily, in the long run they do, so in order to grow, they require some rest. This means that the only thing you will get by doing abdominals day after day, week after week, will only lead you to overtraining and most likely to muscle catabolism .

If you have no idea what to eat, do not worry, we leave you an eating plan to define the muscle , taking into account all the necessary parameters so that you can achieve your goals. Of course, it is important to know that this diet is planned in a general way, so it is important that you adapt the portions according to your body type and your daily nutritional requirements.


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