For people affected by a cardiac pathology, the practice of sport is beneficial for the general state of health. It promotes cardiorespiratory endurance and can help achieve weight loss goals.

Thus, to lose weight, cardiac subjects can Rapid Fast Keto Boost Reviews regularly practice a sport, characterized by a low to moderate intensity, after consulting a cardiologist.

What type of sport for cardiacs?

Low to moderate intensity physical activity is recommended , under the supervision of a cardiologist or specialist. It will be necessary to seek a specialized opinion to specify the physical activity adapted to the heart in order to achieve weight loss.

So, as soon as the doctor authorizes it, any heart can benefit from a reduction in weight through sport.

Walking, jogging, swimming and cycling are sports that help you lose weight by burning a few more calories and gradually improve your heart and respiratory system. They are well suited for patients with a cardiac pathology (heart failure, problem or heart rhythm disorder, myocardial infarction, etc.)

How to practice sport when you have a heart condition?

Initially, endurance activities of low to moderate intensity, from twenty minutes to half an hour, may be recommended to patients, during the day. The frequency is one to three times a week. The patient can thus opt for a 30-minute walk, 3 times a week.

Regular endurance activity can be a very effective way to get rid of excess pounds.

Thereafter, activities of the fractional type can be offered to patients who do not experience difficulty in exerting efforts during moderate intensity activities. These are sustained exercise sessions interspersed with lower intensity recovery exercises: increasing pedal strokes on flat ground at intervals or adding faster walking tips.

Benefits of Weight Loss

Physical activity is an essential component in any slimming program to limit the consequences of heart pathologies. It helps maintain a normal weight beneficial to heart health and avoids overweight Rapid Fast Keto Boost which could increase the pressure on the heart muscle and be a factor in worsening the cardiovascular prognosis.

It allows you to have a healthy and active lifestyle, to improve the prognosis and life expectancy.


Sports which require violent efforts in apnea (weightlifting, speed races) or characterized by too high an intensity (rugby, badminton, squash, boxing, martial arts …) are contraindicated in case of cardiac pathologies.

Also, participation in sports competitions aimed at reaching and pushing one’s limits is not recommended. It is important to inform the doctor when palpitations occur during or after exercise.


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