With nearly 700 calories spent in 1 hour of LIA , it is one of the most effective sports activities to lose weight quickly.

Calories burned during a LIA session

The Low Impact Aerobic (LIA) is a cardio workout , which allows you to spend a lot of calories at each session, from 350 kcal for a half-hour class to 700 for an hour.

With 2 to 3 sessions a week, weight loss Impact Keto Max is very fast and the visible effects on the figure are felt in just a few weeks … of course, this means not to do anything on the diet side .

What is the LIA?

It is a sport that mixes fitness and aerobics . It was developed by a former physician in the 1960s.

A LIA session is usually held in the theater, with music. A coach guides the training and the participants must follow his choreography . The peculiarity of the movements is that the basic steps do not include jumping or other detachment of the two supports, which limits the shocks and pressures on the different joints: hence its definition of “low impact” aerobics (low impact ).

In addition to burning a large number of kcal , the LIA improves cardiovascular health, thanks to work primarily focused on cardio.

That being said, the sessions also make it possible to muscle and solicit notably the thighs, the glutes, the muscles of the legs or the calves.

After several weeks of practice, there will also be improvements in coordination and endurance. What to wear his running shoes or finally try a dance that we did not dare to test!

How can I do LIA?

Just find a gym or club nearby.

Whether you are beginner or confirmed, everyone can participate in the LIA. A pair of hall sneakers is enough, as well as a normal sports outfit.

Of course, as in all disciplines, following the movements in rhythm can be a little difficult at first, but a few sessions Impact Keto Max Reviews should be enough to include fluently in the sequence.

Flow, fun and thinning are at the rendezvous with this discipline designed to stay fit without getting hurt!


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