If you pay attention to your diet, you will enjoy life better and you will have more fun in bed. Here are the most important things to know about sex and food.

Do I have to eat something special if I have sex every day?

of course. But you do not have to eat oysters every day. This seafood owes its reputation as an aphrodisiac to its shape and the sound of sucking that is done by eating it. But it’s the ingredients it Zylophin Rx contains that are really interesting for the sexually active partner, especially after a relationship. Every time you ejaculate, you lose 5 milligrams of zinc, which can lead to a deficit, exposing you to more infections.

Pulses, cheese and meat also contain this trace element, as well as chocolate truffles. According to a study at the University of Texas, a zinc deficiency can endanger your libido, your sexual power and your ability to feel an orgasm. Zinc is supposed to stimulate the female desire. As it contributes to testosterone production, a higher zinc level means that women are more inclined to have an adventure.

I programmed a hot night. What should I offer my partner?

Try a guarana drink. This powder from a shrub from Brazil contains caffeine, resins and ethereal oils. Its advantage over a cup of coffee? Because of its high concentration of tannins, caffeine is released over a longer period of time, its effectiveness lasting between five and six hours.

What sweet foods should I eat to improve my erections?

Take some dark chocolate. The catechin it contains (a molecule of the family of flavonoids) releases vasodilator substances in the walls of the arteries. According to a study by the German Institute of Human Nutrition, if you eat 50 grams of chocolate a day, your blood vessels will expand by more than 10%. Make sure the cocoa content when you buy dark chocolate: it must reach at least 50%.

Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine (PEA), dubbed the “molecule of love” and responsible for mediating experiences associated with pleasure and intellectual sensitivity.

What are the three enemy foods of libido?

ALCOHOL : If you have exceeded the limit to drive, you have normally gone beyond making love. Large amounts of alcohol block the libido. Women who have drunk too much also feel less pleasure. Blood flow to the vagina and the ability to have an orgasm decrease, and stress hormones are activated (which interferes with desire).

ROAST DUCK : Fatty foods stay in your stomach for about eight hours and need blood to digest. This blood will be lacking in your head and lower body. A full stomach gives you less desire to move.

HOT MILK WITH HONEY : a good choice to go to bed … when you want to sleep. The sweet side of honey stimulates the production of sleep hormone, melatonin, and milk reminds you of your mom.

Can I eat anything that affects the taste of my sperm?

It’s possible. Sexologist Terri Hamilton points out several factors that influence sperm taste. If you want to have a happy ending, avoid alcohol, aspirin and garlic (also known for its aphrodisiac effects), and drink instead of pineapple juice. Experience it for yourself!


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