Made from tagatose, Tagatesse is a sweetening product which has the advantage of having a very low glycemic index . SlimPhoria Keto Reviews The sweetener is also very low in calories, it is ideal for diabetics and people concerned about their shape and their health.

Tagatesse: a low kcal value

Along with maple syrup , stevia, fructose, aspartame and other sugar substitutes , tagatesse is distinguished by its low caloric value. It only contains about 1.76 calories per gram .

In terms of sweetening power, it has nothing to envy to other sweeteners since it has a slightly higher sweetening power than ordinary sugar. Tagatesse also has the distinction of having a very low GI, close to zero.

It is therefore one of the natural sweeteners suitable for people suffering from diabetes or who need not to consume excessively sweet foods in order to lose weight. Finally, it has the advantage of taking care of the teeth, because it does not promote the formation of dental caries.

What is Tagatesse?

Tagatesse is made from tagatose, a natural and organic product . The latter is in fact obtained from lactose, which by hydrolysis is subdivided into glucose and galactose .

To produce tagatose, we will only use galactose. A process of fermentation of galactose will eventually give molecules of tagatose which will then be purified. The finished product will take the form of white crystals, similar to the usual sugar cubes .

Ingested alone, about twenty percent of the tagatosis will be absorbed and metabolized. The rest will stay in the colon where it will act as a prebiotic.

Good for the intestinal flora, it does not cause unpleasant effects and can be consumed by all. In pregnancy, as a precaution, we will always remember to seek the advice of her doctor.

Tagatesse: possible uses

Having the capacity to resist the temperature, the tagatesse adapts perfectly to cooking. It can therefore very well be among the ingredients of a hot or cold food preparation.

Its composition excluding gluten , glucose and lactose, it will satisfy people who suffer from food intolerance towards these substances.

You can use it to sweeten a Slimphoria Keto drink, accompany a light pastry recipe and even sweet and savory preparations like a salad.

Here is an easy recipe for light sorbet made with tagatesse.

What’s needed :

  • 2 tablespoons of tagatesse
  • 150 ml coconut milk
  • 300 g frozen raspberries.

Blend all the ingredients for about 20 seconds, until the mixture looks like ice cream . Serve your sorbet in small bowls or bowl.

You can enjoy it immediately or leave it in the fridge for a few minutes before enjoying it.


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