Whether you are a professional athlete or just doing a physical activity to lose weight, good hydration before, during and after your sports activity is essential to achieving your goals and maintaining your health.

Instead of taking mineral water that does not bring much to your body , the ideal is to opt for what are called the drinks of the effort. They are perfect for improving your stamina and performance during your Pegasus Diet Keto session, but also to avoid fatigue.

Still called isotonic drinks, these drinks are marketed under several brands on the market. But if you prefer to eat organic, here are 3 homemade recipes to make yourself.

An energy drink made from grapes

The grape juice is very pleasant and well tolerated by the body . It has a good content of B vitamins, a nutrient necessary for the elimination of sugars. It also contains potassium , an essential mineral for a good muscular contraction. For the preparation of your energy drink based on grape juice, mix 20 cl of juice, 40 cl of water and a pinch of salt. You will get a light drink that will quench your thirst and give you strength.

Energy drink with lemon

The virtues of lemon are numerous for the sportsman . Among other things, it eliminates toxins present in fat cells. Thanks to its vitamin C content , it speeds up the metabolism and increases the number of calories burned during your sessions , and even at rest.

To make this drink, you need ¼ lemon juice , ¼ lime, a teaspoon of salt, 30 g of sugar (or 2 tablespoons of honey) and ½ liter of water. The preparation is done using a mixer or a thermomix. Blend together until the sugar is dissolved and serve with some ice cubes.

Energy drink made from orange

Thanks to its high content of vitamin C , orange allows excellent recovery after the sport. It also helps keep bones and cartilage healthy. To prepare your effort drink, you’ll need 300ml orange juice , 700ml bicarbonate water, a pinch of salt and15gsugar or 1 tablespoon honey.

Mix everything, stir energetically and your drink is ready.

It is also possible to make your bespoke energy drink by modifying the ingredients to suit your needs. Just pay attention to Pegasus Diet Keto REVIEWS the amount of sugar you use because it could make you take unnecessary calories. To avoid this, you can also replace it with a sweetener such as agave syrup .

And to slow down the digestive process , always drink fresh. Finally, focus on sweet drinks at the beginning of your workouts, and keep those with a salty or neutral taste for the end.


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