Today we are going to talk about a very complete and at the same time very fearful exercise, both for the effort required in its execution and for the fear of injuries that people and especially the coaches have; but when done well, it can be quietly on your training sheet. Next, more about Pullover .

What is Pullover?

Also known by its Brazilianized Pullover name, Pullover is considered a relatively old exercise in the gyms, being performed even before the bench press was presented, and which for now has been half forgotten or even avoided, we may say.

Among the benefits it provides to the body are effective work with the trunk muscles as well as body stretching, as well as gains in appearance and more muscular endurance.

What muscles does Pullover work with?

Pullover Illustration:Pullover affects several trunk muscles at one time, such as the chest, arms, shoulders, and back area , as well as expansion of the chest area.

The muscles that it directly affects are the anterior serratus, intercostal, and latissimus dorsi; already secondary are the pectoral and triceps.

In addition to bodybuilding exercise, Pullover is also considered a stretch as it not only intensifies but also stretches the trunk by the movement of the exercise.

People with muscle problems in this area of ​​the trunk, as well as bone problems, especially the spine, should avoid this exercise.

Step by step on how to properly pull pullover

Man running pullover with dumbbell

Here’s a step on how to do the exercise with excellence, but always remember to be accompanied by a professional to help you with whatever you need.

Lie across your back on a bench, standing still and parallel to the floor; have your feet firmly on the ground for stability, with your knee at a 90 degree angle;

While lying down, hold the dumbbell or barbell with the right weight for you on your chest, arms outstretched; hold your palms well against the inner side of the washer, grabbing around the barbell or dumbbells with your thumbs and forefingers;

Then make a backward movement, lowering the arms; seek to do a complete stretch on the costal grille while the weight is lowered;

Breathe in deeply when you raise your arms and exhale when you return to the bottom.

Pullover Tips and Care

Pullover Illustration

Just like any other exercise, pullover if performed poorly and without professional supervision, pullover can cause serious damage and serious injury to the upper muscles in which it works;

The exercise originally runs on a bench, but for more experienced people other types of unstable supports such as the blue pilates ball, among others; with these unstable supports the abdomen area is very well crafted and intensified;

It can be performed with barbell weight or with dumbbells; It is important to note that what is most worth in this exercise are the movements themselves, rather than weight lifting, so it is not necessary to extrapolate, putting only the recommended to your physical type and according to your type and training time as well; because too much weight wears out the shoulder joints; So, very careful and good training!


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