You can follow the following tips to maintain a good diet that allows you to maintain good sports performance.

It is a fact that any athlete wants to have the best possible performance during their workouts. There are a lot of factors Sure Cleanse Keto Reviews that influence the performance of athletes, where even the genetics, the level of training and the food you have count. But if we talk about a woman, these internal factors can be added to the menstrual function, which is capable of generating the “ Triad Syndrome of the Female Athlete ”.

We can say that this is the relationship between energy intake or the amount of energy available, menstrual function and bone density where the syndrome manifests itself with some eating disorders, osteoporosis or functional amenorrhea (absence of the rule ).

The first manifestations of the syndrome occur thanks to inadequate nutrition along with an intense sports practice, which results in menstrual disorders and hypoestrogenism, which is the decrease in the amount of estrogen. Because of this hormonal imbalance, a loss of bone density occurs gradually, which as a consequence can cause osteopenia to finally cause osteoporosis. The last consequence of this great problem would be the increase in the risk of stress fractures, since it is estimated that about 70% of high-performance female athletes suffer from amenorrhea, as well as 22% to 50% of osteopenia and 13 % of osteoporosis .

The start of this triad is due to a reduction in caloric intake, because thanks to the high caloric intake of training results in a loss in the fatty tissue reserves of the athlete. We must bear in mind that the loss of body fat at an adequate level has a great influence on certain areas of the brain, specifically those that are responsible for the hormonal regulation of the body.

The physiological levels of sex hormones are of great importance in the maintenance of homeostasis, which in a nutshell is the maintenance of the different bodily functions in a balance, which ends in a good state of health. In this way the alterations of the hormonal levels have influences in other functions of the organism, such as the loss of bone mass.

Take into account that not all athletes are susceptible to this syndrome, but if there are some sports practices that if taken to such an extreme may be a favorable factor for the triad of the female athlete to appear. Here some cases:

  1. Sports that are divided by weight categories, which athletes are forced to be concerned about their weight and body fat. These sports mean that when a certain moment or competition is approaching, practices are made that are not adequate to give a weight that allows them to enter a certain category.
  2. In endurance sports, especially where thinness is required to increase performance.
  3. Sports that have a subjective way of scoring. Those sports where there are judges who determine what the sports performance should be, which end up causing greater pressure on the athletes.

In order to avoid these unfortunate consequences of the syndrome, you can follow the following tips to maintain a good diet that allows you to maintain good sports performance:

  • Maintain an adequate body weight while taking into account athletic performance.
  • Consume high quality protein in the right amounts.
  • Make sure you have a correct caloric intake based on your physical and sports activity.
  • Be sure to cover all your vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B12, iron and folic acid needs. If you do not achieve this by eating food, you can resort to nutritional supplements.
  • Try to eat every 3 to 5 hours, where the heaviest or most abundant food has to be what you have after exercising.
  • Maintain an adequate level of fat consumption, giving more importance and preference to those containing omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • During your periods of rest or inactivity try to reduce caloric intake.

Do not forget to drink enough water, you Sure Cleanse Keto have to consider it as an extremely essential nutrient.


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