Do you know those days when you have the impression that you can lift the world? Yeah… I felt like training my chest so I could feel the late muscle pain. Then I present you with an insane chest training with the use of parallels, a border beyond the border.

After much thought, I remembered that I had recently trained triceps and could test them again as a chest training aid. It was then that the idea of ​​using the parallels in training came up… but in a way that I had not yet done… use as an exercise in the bi-sets I would do, but not as a second exercise, but as a pre-exhaustion exercise. In all workout exercises.

Man training parallels with chain

The training was then configured as follows:

  • 1) Parallel + 4x bench press (fatigue + 12)
  • 2) Parallel + 4x straight crucifix (fatigue + 12)
  • 3) Parallel + 4x peck deck (fatigue + 12)
  • 4) Parallel + straight fly 4x (fatigue + 12)
  • 5) Parallel + 4x cross over (fatigue + 12)

The first series of parallels were made with 15, 12 repetitions. Then that number went down until it was 4 + 4 partials, etc. The tiredness was extreme and the triceps were burning. A great feeling for those who were 1 day without training.

Then I did some sit-ups to relax.


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