The importance of exfoliating your skin

Exfoliate consists of releasing dead cells and extracting the dirt that adheres the skin. By eliminating dead cells, the process of skin regeneration is accelerated. In this way, exfoliation detoxifies the skin and activates blood circulation. For this reason, it is very noticeable that at the end of the exfoliation process, the skin is soft, satin, smooth and translucent. With exfoliation, the skin clears, the pimples disappear and the open pores decrease.

But why is it so important to remove dead skin cells? It turns out that these largely prevent adequate oxygenation, which generates a degeneration in the health of the skin and, consequently, causes the skin to look withered and devitalized. Dead cells also hinder the penetration of cosmetic products that we apply to our skin daily; such as, moisturizing, nourishing, cleansing, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin once every 15 days or so; more or less frequently depending on your skin type . If your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, exfoliate your face once a month. But if it’s fat, do it once or twice a week.

Tips to exfoliate your skin

  • Before exfoliating, prepare your skin with a steam bath.
  • Use products that contain specific components for your skin type, otherwise the pH of your skin may be altered, causing damage.
  • Natural products provide and guarantee a healthy appearance to the skin.
  • After applying a scrub, do not expose yourself to the sun for a few hours.

Procedure to exfoliate your skin

  • After subjecting your skin to a steam bath, take the exfoliating product with your fingers and apply it to both the face and neck.
  • The exfoliation is done through small circular massages. Massage from right to left, with the tips of your index and middle fingers; starting at the forehead, following the cheeks and chin. To exfoliate the nose, perform vertical massages, from the bottom up. The neck should also be massaged from the bottom up.
  • Once you cover all areas, wait 20 minutes until your face dries sufficiently.
  • Then, remove the remains of the scrub product with plenty of water.
  • Finally, vaporize your face with an appropriate lotion or tonic to help relax your skin.

To get all the benefits of exfoliation, follow the above procedure step by step, not forgetting the recommended advice.


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