The sensation of heavy legs is usually felt after the sport or during the night following the effort . It results in painful legs , with tensions, hard calves , heaviness, tingling or tingling , edema in the legs and “impatience” (symptom of restless leg).

In any case, a sports activity can allow the person suffering from it to increase the venous return and improve his physical Balanced Max Keto condition. Let’s look in more detail at the beneficial virtues of sport against heavy legs, how to limit the sensation during sport and what are the solutions to relieve them …

The sport itself limits the sensation of heavy legs

The feeling of heavy legs comes from venous insufficiency. The blood stagnates in the blood vessels of the legs, especially in people who are standing for long hours, and the legs tremble , burn and have the muscles that pull (which can also cause cramps ).

It is important to know that it is the calf muscles that play an important role in the return of blood to the heart. And the less you move, the less the calves will be muscular and the less they will fulfill their role (raise blood from the feet to the heart).

This is why having regular physical activity is very important , or even essential, to avoid or reduce this problem of heavy legs.

Practice the right sport

Some sports are recommended to limit the feeling of heavy legs and allow the blood to move properly from the legs to the heart. They are those who solicit gently and regularly lower limbs.La swimming is then very appropriate, as well as the bike. The soles of the feet are indeed very stressed each pedal stroke, which will activate the venous return pump. Without jogging or trampling, this sport is soft for the joints and allows to re-twitch the legs smoothly. The ideal is to marry bike and pool by practicing aquabiking. You can also practice walking (with good shoes and shockproof soles), ground gym, water aerobics, yoga and stretching. Then you ask yourself ”  when I runIs this good for my heavy legs? “. The answer is no.You will absolutely avoid volleyball, basketball, handball, zumba and jogging (or jogging) that require trampling, jumping and jerking.

Do prevention

You ask yourself the question: “what can be done to prevent this embarrassing syndrome of heavy legs? “. Begin by stretching the lower limbs (anterior and posterior) and possibly massage .

Then take a cold shower after the effort ( after jogging for example, if you still want to do it).

And wear a type II restraint during your sport practice.

You can also use herbal medicine to fight against your venous disorders . The red vine is particularly effective for venous insufficiency. Anthocyanins, active in its leaves, have the property of strengthening the blood vessels and decreasing their permeability. And the flavonoids and tannins , which it also contains, act against the venous stasis and protect durably. Take a red vine capsule morning and evening . The essential oil of peppermint also offers a pleasant sensation of cold and freshness on the legs.

In conclusion, these various preventive methods and to apply during and after the sport are effective and have real benefits to mitigate or remove the sensation of heavy legs. The choice of sport is also very important.

But if this uncomfortable sensation Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS persists, do not hesitate to consult a doctor who will prescribe a more effective drug treatment against venous insufficiency (with paracetamol for the associated pains).


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