Next, throughout the following article we will show how to create an exercise routine to increase muscle mass , according to the latest and most effective theories of weight training and exercise, if you are interested in learning, do not hesitate to continue reading.

Division of an exercise routine to increase muscle mass

If our goal is to gain the greatest amount of muscle mass , we must prepare our exercise routine to increase muscle mass and train each muscle part 2 times per week, and in case we want to specialize a Black Label X Reviews body part, we can train it up to 3 times per week, something quite different from the mainstream of training each muscle part 1 time per week.

As for both muscle mass and strength gains , the smartest thing is to use an undulating scheme, that is, we train each muscle twice a week, and once we will do it in strength ranges while the other will do it in range of hypertrophy , ie, one day we will focus on low reps and load current while another day we will focus on high reps, low rest periods, congestion, etc …

As for the divisions, we can use the following:

  • Split routine
  • Split routine + torso-legs or push-pull
  • Torso legs or push-pull
  • Fullbody + divided

In the case that we choose a divided exercise routine only, one day we will dedicate it to force while another day we will dedicate it to hypertrophy.

In the event that we choose a divided routine + torso-legs, the days of torso and legs will be of strength, while the days of divided routine will be hypertrophy.

In the case of choosing a torso-leg routine, one day will be hypertrophy and another will be strength.

In the case of choosing a fullbody + divided, the day of fullbody will be of force and that of divided will be of hypertrophy.

Training days

  • For the split, it takes 6 days of training.
  • For the torso-legs + split, it takes 5 days of training.
  • For the torso-legs, it takes 4 days of training.
  • For the fullbody + divided, it takes 4 days of training.
  • Exercises, series and repetitions of an exercise routine to increase muscle mass

As our goal is to gain muscle mass , the first thing we should do is not leave any muscle without training in the weekly calculation, then for the days of strength, we must maintain a low training volume, this is approximately between 3 and 8 series by muscle group , keep in mind that the greater the volume of work (more series), the more difficult it will be for us to progress in strength, but we will obtain greater hypertrophy, the breaks must be complete to regenerate as much ATP as possible, among the 2 and 5 minutes.

For hypertrophy days, we must maintain a medium-high volume, this will be around 12 and 16 series per muscle group, we must maintain a short rest time, around 60-90 seconds between sets, to generate the greatest possible metabolic fatigue.

As for the exercises , on this website you have an article about the best exercises to increase muscle mass.

To get a little deeper into this topic, for the days choose multiarticular exercises such as the bench press, squats, deadlifts, dominated, military press …

For hypertrophy days, choose exercises that isolate each muscle more, such as dumbbell presses, opening machines, pull machines, etc … to be able to isolate each muscle to the maximum and stimulate it as effectively as possible.

Special techniques, progressions and other herbs

In the case of special techniques (clusters, superseries, burn series, etc …) must go on the days of hypertrophy and we must focus on those that generate more metabolic fatigue, such as descending series, superseries and others, not It is advisable to use special techniques on the days of force.

For the progressions, I recommend using the double and triple progression, since it is the one that has best gone with me and my clients, then I explain them.

Double progression

It consists of using pyramidal series (4 × 10/8/6/4 or 4 × 4/6/8/10), and we will only increase the weight to the next session in those series in which we have performed more repetitions than stipulated.

Triple progression

It consists of using linear series (3 × 12 or 4 × 10) and only increasing the weight when we have performed all the series with the stipulated repetitions with a given weight and we have exceeded the number of stipulations stipulated in at least one series.

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