We have all been rookies in the bodybuilding world , and we have probably all made the same mistakes, eat little, poorly ordered routines, without periodizing, take little useful and expensive supplements … Flow Fusion Reviews the idea of ​​this article is to give some advice for all those They will start in the world of bodybuilding and do not have any professional advice.

More is not better, better is better

This is for training, as is sometimes for supplementation , food and steroids. More series, more training days, does not mean that we will gain more muscle. We have to establish a close relationship between quantity and earnings. As for the train to be concerned, if we are not gaining strength train to train, you do not we are recovering, we’re overtraining , so we’ll have to reduce the amount of work done.

Add protein to all meals and fat does not make you fat

Having some protein at all meals is essential to maintain high protein synthesis and gain more muscle. In addition, fat is essential to maintain a correct production of sex hormones, if we suppress it, we will gain less muscle, we will feel more tired, in a worse mood …

Eating more does not mean gaining more muscle

The body has a limit in terms of the amount of muscle that can be created daily , not to limit this, we have to consume an extra 500 kcal per day, which usually gives a gain of about 400-500 grams per week. Eating more and therefore gaining more, means that we will gain more fat, fat that we will have to remove in a future phase of definition, having to spend more time losing weight and therefore it will be less time that we can be gaining muscle.

Focus on the basics

The newest is not usually better for bodybuilding, nor the most difficult . To get the best gains, focus on the basics: Lift heavy, intense, eat 3 grams of protein per kilogram, 1 gram of fat and the rest of carbohydrates, with an amount of calories between 36 and 40 per kilogram of weight.

As for the supplementation, use a quality creatine and protein and a good polyvitamin, you don’t need anything else to start.


Periodizing is nothing more than raising from the beginning what you will do during the next months , I like to make periodizations of about 12 weeks, at that point I add a calibration day to perform body measurements and others, and I decide what I will do the other 12 weeks .

We will simply decide in those 12 weeks if we will make a period of definition or volume, and then we will establish what type of training we will do, if one focused on pure force, pure hypertrophy, force hypertrophy … which will last between 4 to 6 weeks and They will go one after another, along with some basic dietary modifications. This will help us to progress without getting stuck at any time, and to do things with the head following a specific objective, without knocking.

Keep a diary with your training weights and anthropometric measurements

Keeping a diary where we write down the repetitions and weights used during a particular exercise is very important to know if we are progressing, as well as taking measurements of the various perimeters of our body to see where we are putting those grams, if in the belly and in our muscles

Not doing this is a mistake that many beginners make and it is perhaps the most important thing to do during our race through the gym. There are currently many applications for phones in which we can write down all these things and keep a good track of it if we don’t want to do it on paper.

Do not gain weight if you are fat, do not lose if you are very thin

The first thing before starting is to decide whether we should lose weight or gain, if we are too fat we should start losing weight to start gaining muscle from a good base full of fat.

If we are very thin, we already have a clean base to work on, and we will only have to focus on gaining a good amount of lean muscle mass. Being realistic in this regard from the beginning is the best we can do to move forward and achieve our goals without any inconvenience.


I hope that these simple general tips help you not to make the mistakes that the vast majority have made from the beginning by not having the necessary information at our fingertips. In this same website Flow Fusion Reviews you can see my authorship information regarding the bodybuilding issue that will help you know how to do things right from the beginning, as well as various guides to develop each of your training plans, nutrition and supplementation.


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