When bodybuilding is used , it is necessary to alternate the period of dry and period of weight gain via a suitable diet. The success of your goal depends as much on a balance between the two as on your daily exercises.

But by starting in this field, it can be complicated to know what to eat to dry effectively. In order for your efforts to be successful, here are some ideas for a light diet for a week or more, depending on your needs.

Example of menus without protein powder for a man of 80 kg

Here is a natural food program easy Pinnakkle Keto REVIEWS to set up for a man of 80 kg who wants to dry . It displays 2,200 kcal per day.

At breakfast: 1 egg + 50 g of ham + 20 g of hard cheese + 1 slice of wholemeal bread + 1 fruit of the season

For the 10-hour snack: 50 g of tuna + 35 g of dried fruits (figs – apricots – bananas) + 5 g of walnuts or almonds

Lunch: Fry in the skillet, without added fat , 100 g of chicken breast. Serve with 200 g of raw vegetables (tomatoes, green salad , carrots, etc. with 3 teaspoons of olive oil) and 40 g of basmati rice. Add 3 teaspoons of olive oil

For the afternoon snack: 1 slice of 40 g of wholemeal bread with 50 g of white ham. 1 seasonal fruit and 10 g walnuts or almonds.

Dinner: Cook 100 g of red meat or fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel). Decorate with 2 tbsp. of rapeseed oil and accompany it with 80 g of pasta and 200 g of cooked vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, aubergines or broccoli).

Before going to bed (if you have a small hollow): 150 g of white cheese at 0% + 20 g of linseed

Sample menu with protein powder for a man of 80 kg

If you want to do a dry program using dietary supplements , here is the procedure from breakfast to dinner.

At breakfast: 1 egg with 50 g of ham, 20 g of hard cheese and 50 g of wholemeal bread 1 seasonal fruit

For the 10-hour snack: Replace the tuna with 20 g of powdered protein such as casein, for example 35 g of dried fruit + 5 g of walnuts or almonds

Lunch: Do not change your habits and prepare lean meat (100g) with raw vegetables or raw vegetables (200g). Also eat 40 g of basmati rice and season with 3 teaspoons of olive oil.

For the afternoon snack: A slice of 40 g of wholemeal bread + 25 g of honey and 10 g of walnuts or almonds. Fill in with 15 g of whey protein.

At dinner: Again, put on red meat (100g) or fish and pasta (80g) with cooked vegetables (200g). Top with 2 teaspoons of rapeseed oil.

Before going to bed: 200 ml of Pinnakkle keto semi-skimmed milk + 10 g of casein protein + 15 g of flaxseed.

With this program designed for an individual of 80 kg, you can hope to dry and muscle up effectively.


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