If there is no question of hydration during the effort , once the training or sporting event is over, the situation is different. What to drink in the recovery phase? Opinions differ greatly on this point. Milk is sometimes recommended and it is a very good idea. Here’s why.

Loss of the body during exercise

Any sportsman knows that when you play sports, the body becomes dehydrated but also loses many nutrients . This is valid regardless of the physical activity practiced, bodybuilding endurance race , everyone is housed in the same sign. The main problem is dehydration, the supply of water is essential but for the rest , cow’s milk, coconut milk or soy milk for vegans in particular are interesting alternatives.

What will bring me a glass of milk?

Take the example of semi-skimmed and unsweetened milk . It contains not less than 90% water for 100 grams ! In terms of rehydration, it is an excellent candidate but it will also bring magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium . All of this is essential for your body and will help your body recover faster.

Will drinking milk help me in terms of sports performance?

Yes ! If your body recovers quickly and well, it will be much more successful during your training or next competition. You optimize your results by taking care of your body after having solicited it. The recovery phase is as important as the preparation.

In addition, milk, vegetable or not, is rich in protein . Your whole musculature will be grateful to offer such a contribution outside of meals!

A flavored milk, is it a good idea?

No, most of the time, flavored milk is an industrial product and therefore you can legitimately doubt its relevance in terms of nutritional value . Often too fat and much too sweet, these drinks will not bring you anything in a sports setting (or even food anyway). Better to avoid them.

When planning your next sports menus, consider including the milk in the recovery phase. You should quickly feel the benefits. In addition, if it’s good for the sport, it’s good for your body!


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