Genetic predisposition, pregnancy , unbalanced diet … the causes of cellulite are numerous . Fortunately, there are many ways to fight against orange peel , including raising your feet during the night to facilitate circulation.

Eliminate cellulite while sleeping?

Fighting the dimples during sleep , Evo Elite Keto it sounds a little crazy, and yet … sleeping with your feet higher than the rest of the body, we naturally help the blood to go back to the heart . Since the dimples, and especially those on the thighs are partly due to poor circulation , the fluidity, we put all the chances on our side!

How much should you raise your legs while you sleep?

Whether sleeping on your back or side, simply tilt the foot of your bed a few inches to feel a difference. Special beds, articulated in a more or less sophisticated way exist in the trade.

For the beginning, before investing, test the elevation of the legs using a simple cushion or pillow placed between the mattress and the mattress: from the first nights, you should find that your legs are lighter, sign of better fluidity of the blood system.

Warning: if you feel that your back does not like, do not persevere and consult rather your physiotherapist.

Sleeping with raised legs: many benefits

Improving the fluidity of the blood system also helps to limit the heavy leg effect, which is well known to pregnant women and many of which are deplored in summer, facilitating recovery after physical exertion , this posture also reduces the risk of phlebitis . We test?

Other ways to fight against orange peel

Of course, sleeping will not be enough. To continue to improve circulation, it is recommended to massage, or even better to rub the affected areas , from the bottom to the top. For the more courageous, finishing the shower with a jet of cold water, directed from the calves to the hips EvoElite Keto Reviews will have the same effect. Good hydration, regular exercise and a healthy diet: these are good habits that will also help you smooth your legs.

To fight against cellulite, there is no miracle recipe. However, with patience, sleeping with raised legs, massaging affected areas and regular exercise have been proven to restore smooth, firm skin.


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