When you do physical activity , it is not uncommon to receive many tips from those around you. Some are relevant, others much less.

Sorting through this large body of information is not always easy. This time, we will be interested in cold water, often recommended after a sports training.

Is it relevant or dangerous? Is it really for the athlete’s well-being or a bit of a crazy belief?

The benefits of the cold water jet at the end of the shower

It is obviously not a matter of jumping under a cold water at once! In fact, it is advisable, at the end of the shower, to Ultra Keto Fuel gradually reduce the inflow of hot water in order to get used to the body and when we reach the maximum point that we can support, we operate a light massage with the shower in circular motion and from bottom to top.

This simple gesture that you can do on a daily basis and not just after the sport has many advantages! First, cold water tightens the pores of your skin quickly.

This is how your dermis is the most supple and the most toned. It regulates your temperature. Cold water also very effectively stimulates blood circulation , thereby fighting against extra pounds and the orange peel effect. Small bonus: you leave the shower with an incomparable sensation of light legs. An appreciable comfort after a sustained physical effort.

A cold shower, and after?

Once you have noticed the virtues of this little health-beauty-slimming gesture, you will not be able to do without it. Especially since it allows you to prepare your skin for a post-exercise massage and / or the application of essential oils ideal for recovery for example.

In case of mild inflammation or body aches, cold water effectively soothes the pain, think about it! And rest assured, you do not risk hypothermia since, once again, it is enough to go from lukewarm water to cold without applying ice water!

Other tips

It is important that the jet of cold water intervenes at the end of the shower (and not bath), not at the beginning because the effect would be automatically canceled by the heat that would follow. Also remember, at the end of the session, to drink massively so that the recovery of your muscles is optimal, while avoiding aches. Adapt also your diet according to your training, as well as your sleep!

Rest must have an important place in your program.

Even if it seems like a torture, it is not. Your whole body can benefit a lot from this simple gesture: long live the cold water jet at the end of the shower after your session for a good muscle recovery!


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