When summer approaches, many fear the small unsightly bulges on the belly. To hide these imperfections, squats are very effective to have a flat stomach and carve a body of dream.

How to have a flat stomach with these flexions?

Jump is a fun version of this discipline. Stand with your feet well apart. Keep your back straight, knees bent and hips down. Combine that with a jump when you extend your knees. Make 3 series with 15 repetitions. These exercises remain effective for burning and losing belly fat.

As for burpees that are much more similar to the position of the board , they tone the muscles and are particularly aimed at belly fat. They are done in 3 sets of 10 repetitions. To do this, one must take the usual position of these crouching movements, with the legs well apart at the width of the shoulders.

The hands should then be placed on the ground, before making a jump to allow the feet to move backwards , then another jump for the front. Finally, you have to jump, hands outstretched.

Otherwise, the “30 Days Squat Challenge” is based on the graduation method , the goal being to start from 30 sets on the first day and reach 250 sets on the 30th day. With such a program that helps to lose weight, you can recover every 5 days.

Essential precautions to take

By dint of repeating for several weeks the same series of this poly-articular sport, the body tends to get used and the progress will become minimal. It is therefore important to vary the styles (slots, pumps, sheathing …) to avoid what is called the “plateau” effect .

However, in case of overweight and to muscle the whole body, it is better to combine them with a balanced diet and a sport that allows in addition to spending calories . This is the case for jogging, swimming Ketogeniks Keto or even skipping rope.

Squats, what is it?

It’s a series of exercises to shape a beautiful body. They work the thighs, buttocks and belly. While staying at home, these flexions on the legs can work many muscles of the body, including the back and the abdominal strap . Essential to find a tonic belly, however, they must be followed with rigor and diligence for optimal efficiency.

Whether in the shower or in front of your favorite TV show, these bends are practiced everywhere and reshape the curves. There are several variants, especially to refine the silhouette.


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