When it comes to bodybuilding and being a beginner, each new exercise must be approached with patience and caution. The goal is to develop the body’s capabilities in stages to avoid the risk of injury, severe body aches and overtraining. If you want to work your biceps, here are some tips to apply without delay!

Set specific goals

Every athlete, whatever his discipline, needs Activate Keto Reviews goals to achieve. This for several reasons: motivation , monitoring progress, complete training … Working your musculature in the arms will require several things: strength, endurance and mass. You will have to develop these three principles during your training.

They should also consider that your muscles are composed of various fibers that all have special needs. This criterion must be taken into account when planning your exercises.

Learn to listen to your body!

Here again, it is a well-known principle (although not always respected!) Of the regular sportsmen. Your body communicates with you, learn to read these signs that will reveal many things to you. Some days, you will be in better shape and able to harden your training a little to push your body to work more than usual.

Other times, your whole body will require a recovery time (fatigue, body aches , pain …) In these cases, it is essential to take into account!

Work gradually and surprise the muscles of your arms

You are a beginner, so you can not attack an intensive program right away. You will have to go step by step. However, remember to vary your exercises because the body has an impressive ability to adapt.

Your muscles will get used quickly if you always practice the same movements with the same frequency and intensity. Disturb all this by changing the exercise often.

What are the exercises for biceps that I can apply as a beginner?

To begin, you have several options that will be good to put into practice alternately:

The dumbbells

There are all sizes and weights. You will find without difficulty the dumbbells adapted to your morphology, level and capacity . Once you have your dumbbells, vary the movements as much as possible but most importantly, do sets of 12 movements with short breaks between each set. (8 sets maximum) Do not work every day, your body needs one or two days in the week to recover.

Loads and pulleys

Many people think that building muscles with the help of a pulley is not effective and yet, if this device is present in all sports Activate Keto halls and high-level athletes use it , it is good that this type exercise is more than relevant. Combine your dumbbells with the lifting of loads with pulley.

In beginners, one must really respect levels in terms of intensity and effort. If you do, you will quickly have sculpted and strong biceps!


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