If this is the first day you will go to the gym, and you do not know what to do with this basic guide you will leave doubts with what you have to do in the gym.

If this is the first day you will go to the gym, congratulations, you have made an excellent decision and surely you will have many doubts about it, but do not eat anxieties that there is nothing to worry about, because we are going to help you make your first time a lot more pleasant … and know that we are talking about exercise.

Perhaps your first doubt is directly related to the routine and come on, which is completely normal, it is well known Mass M1x that the experience is gained according to time and having absolutely no idea about what exercises to do does not make you any weirdo, Remember that even the greatest bodybuilders in history started from scratch at some point in their lives.

A healthy body is achieved with its own effort, but it is always better to have the help of someone experienced

The first thing you should do while in the gym is how there is no other, ask for help from an instructor, I suppose you will know that each gym has one, even if you are not paying enough in your monthly payment. The instructor’s job is not only to put on a routine, but also to make sure that all the exercises that you do do them following the proper execution technique so as not to cause you any type of injury and that in addition, the objectives that you have set out can achieve them in a way much easier.

As I mentioned, take away all fears and at the same time any doubts you may have. One of the things that you can do and that in many gyms they offer, is to provide you with personal advice, both at the training and nutritional level, so if you can pay for it it will be a good investment, or if not, remember to continue reading the blog that you will surely find information that you would never have imagined would be very useful.

Always remember to be sensible when making decisions

And not only the decisions you make, but also the goals you set. Remember that the transformation of the body is a goal that is being achieved in a prolonged way, so if you are thinking of losing one or two kilos per week, forget, the physiology of the body is extremely complicated so develop strategies to eliminate a lot of weight in shortly, they are more harmful than beneficial.

As they say, you have to give time to time and have your feet on the ground. If you really want to succeed in this challenge, set realistic goals, something you can do with effort, sacrifice and discipline, but without further exposing the health of the body, either training more than necessary or eating less than.

When you are going to start in the gym, you should probably perform a Weider routine, which is the most popular and basic method used in the world of fitness to gain muscle mass. But the fact that it is basic does not mean that you should feel inferior to everyone else who trains around you daily. Keep in mind that you have never done any type of exercise, so doing an advanced routine in addition to leaving you in pieces, will most likely cause an injury to your muscles, which will further separate you from your goals.

Ambition is good, but when you want to fly before you learn to walk, things always end up overboard.

The Weider routine consists of performing different exercises to exercise the same muscle group. As you can imagine, on the same day you can train two different muscle groups and that somehow relate to each other, such as the chest and triceps, back and biceps, buttocks and quadriceps, etc. The one who will be in charge of determining which are the muscle groups that you will train will be the instructor, so do not warm your head much in this aspect.

As you are starting to exercise, forget about lifting heavy loads, the ideal here is to learn to perform the exercises correctly to avoid injuries and progress safely. Do not overheat, as foolish as it may seem, it is also very important and prevents you from damaging the muscles.

Routine example for your first day

In short words, your first routine can be structured as follows:

  • Warm-up : 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer
  • Abdominal exercises : 4 sets of 15
  • Bodybuilding exercises : Chest + Triceps or Back + Biceps . On the first day of the week it is always advisable to work with larger muscle groups since the body is completely rested, which allows for greater performance in the routine.
  • Cardiovascular exercises for 15 or 20 minutes . This should always be left at the end to maximize fat burning.
  • Sample routine for beginners:  12-week training routine for beginners

Previous experience

If on the other hand, you belong to the group of people who have already been to the gym before and for some reason such as injuries or simply for lack of time you stopped going, do not worry, we also have some information for you.

It is true that you already have experience and you already know very well the technique of execution of the majority, but that of all the exercises. This, however, does not mean that you should go for everything and start lifting loads in quantities as you did before, because first of all you must remove all the accumulated oxide to the muscles in the last months or years.

Start by structuring a good routine, either alone or with the help of the instructor, but keep in mind the light loads. Even if you intend to do it you can perform full-body routines with which you will train all the muscle groups of the body and that will also help you take care of the sport again.

It is very likely that during this time you do not feel too much pain, or maybe yes, it all depends on the intensity of the training and the time you have been inactive. You can do a full-body routine for two or three weeks and then focus on doing a better structured routine, so that you can focus on all muscles day by day to increase intensities.

As time passes and in less than you imagine, you will begin to see great results and no, it is not because your genetics have improved overnight, but because you will be experiencing a process known as muscle memory, a concept of which We will talk soon.

In conclusion

So, as you can see, excuses for not exercising are very few, even if nothing or very little you know about the world of fitness Mass M1x Reviews should not have you with concern, because there will always be someone with more experience willing to help you achieve your goals.

The important thing about all this is to overcome the fear or grief that everyone looks at you (what never happens, because everyone focuses on their own) and be very clear about your goals to focus properly on the process of transformation.


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