For many, using supplements is a good way to gain muscle, especially after training. After exercise, the body presents what we often call the ‘window of opportunity’, which means that this is the best time to gain easy muscle mass.

The best post workout supplement is Whey Protein . This is because Whey Protein is derived from a rapidly absorbing protein, and right after training the body needs a lot of protein due to the strain on the muscles.

For those who are very thin and need to gain some body fat and also set the use of hypercalories that is required. People who are very thin have a hard time increasing muscle mass. By nature they are already well defined, but with very small muscles. Using a good high calorie diet to gain muscle will help you gain weight and definition very quickly. Learn how to make your homemade hypercaloric blog here, we have several articles teaching.

There are also several types of pre workout supplements that can be taken by both thin and high body fat people, as the main goal is to increase the strength to exercise and shorten the recovery time after a set.

Muscular man with supplements

The albumin which is the protein of egg white, it is also a good supplement to be used, since it is an excellent source of protein and with the price much more affordable than the Whey, but slower absorption.

To decrease body fat, increase energy and even gain muscle faster, the use of thermogenics is highly recommended.

Glutamine, creatine , malt, dextrose and BCAAs can also be included in a diet for hypertrophy, these are basic supplements that will help you achieve your goals. But remember, they only serve to supplement your diet, never make a supplement your primary source of protein or carbohydrates.


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