Lack of energy, fatigue and laziness to go to the gym are not always related to lack of sleep and may be a result of poor diet choices. Check out this article for a list of foods that sabotage your pique, generate fatigue and steal at your disposal.

Energy Stealing Foods

Potato chips: Like all fried foods, it is a source of bad fats that make it difficult for digestion and nutrients to flow into the bloodstream, which provide energy.

French fries

Sugar: Despite being a source of energy, it can, curiously, cause tiredness if consumed in excess. Sweet foods can cause insulin spikes that not only increase your appetite but also steal your mood.

Frozen Lasagna: Highly processed and processed foods have a high level of dyes and preservatives that steal their energy by preventing proper functioning of the body.

Frozen lasagna

Coffee: Although stimulating, caffeine can have the opposite effect if consumed in excess. The substance can cause imbalance in the production of neurotransmitters that keep us on alert, generating dependence and increasing need for caffeine for energy.

Crackers: As a simple carbohydrate, such as white bread or pasta, in addition to disrupting blood sugar levels, they increase hunger and drowsiness.

Stuffed cookie

Wine: Like other alcoholic beverages, it contains a high glycemic index and therefore causes loss of energy. In excess, alcohol still impairs the functioning of the liver, compromising the energy mechanisms.


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