Heavy leg syndrome is extremely common since one in two women has already experienced it. What to do against this unpleasant or even painful sensation that poisons our life? Here’s how to fix it with five tips .

The cold shower

Heavy legs are often accompanied by a Tier 2 keto burning sensation , especially during hot weather. Spontaneously, you may want to spend under cold water: it is a very good reflex, to relieve you immediately and activate the blood circulation , which in your case does not work properly.

No worries, you do not necessarily have to take a cold shower : a simple cold jet on the legs for several minutes will be beneficial. Forget about the hot bath if you suffer regularly. Also test the cold footbath by adding half a glass of baking soda in your basin: a real grandmother!

Raising your legs

This is the first reflex you must have: place small wedges a few inches under the feet of your bed so as to lift your legs slightly during the night . So, without realizing it, you will allow the blood to activate. All year long, you will do well to your legs while sleeping: this position can come in addition to wearing compression stockings during the day.

Of the activity

To activate traffic, nothing like activity. Walk often, at a good pace, but not necessarily for a long time . And above all, avoid trampling. Take the stairs and not the elevator. Activities like a museum visit or a shopping day are the worst enemies of heavy legs. In short: no stagnant, we move!

Apple cider vinegar

Soak a clean cloth of apple cider vinegar and wrap your legs around it . This poultice is effective to relax. Leave it for about thirty minutes and renew each day for lighter legs.

Herbal infusions

Many plants are famous for promoting circulation. You will find in stores ready-made infusions, but the ideal is to go to her herbalist and prepare her own mix. Among those that will be precious to you are horse chestnut, witch hazel, red vine and cypress. If you go into herbal medicine, know that the improvement in symptoms comes after several days and works in the background, not for immediate relief.

Finally, be aware that many Tier 2 keto Reviews products exist in pharmacy or parapharmacy, since the traditional tiger balm to more elaborate creams and gels. And do not forget that this syndrome can hide a pathology: we invite you to consult your doctor if your pain persists.


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