A lot of people try to gain biceps by working on several exercises at the same time, but for your muscle to grow you don’t have to kill yourself with a thousand types of variations, but work hard and use as much load as you can by doing the best execution.

Forget those mind-boggling exercises and do the basics.

Doing it right with the right load will make your biceps grow like never before.

  1. Straight thread with bar

The most classic exercise of all. It can be made with or without bar. Piece helps an instructor for perfect execution.

  1. Concentrated thread

Helps balance the strength of each arm. It works the biceps individually, making it have a more harmonious result between the left and right arm.

  1. Scott’s Biceps

This exercise can work and isolate part of the biceps. Make concentric and eccentric movements very precisely and slowly. It can be done with dumbbells or on the machine, one-sided or both arms at the same time.

For best results one should give at least 24 hours rests of the worked muscles. More than that it is important to feed and if possible supplement in the best possible way.


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